"McCracken Executive Search have been helping us create and staff our senior management team since 2003...and has demonstrated the ability to seek out not just the talent required, but also the chemistry or best 'fit' of the individual with the team."
John Campbell, President and CEO
Waterfront Toronto


One of the Most Crucial Stages in a Search Assignment is the Beginning.

Often, in the rush to get going on an important recruitment, the initial diagnostics are afforded minimal attention. This is regrettable, because getting it right in the beginning does not need to take a lot of time and always contributes to superior results.

In the end, however, results are what matter most.

Process is important. After all, without some guiding methodology, energy and time are both wasted. More importantly, the end result is almost always compromised. However, no matter how rigorously followed, the best process is meaningless if it doesn't contribute to a better experience and better results.

Superior Service and the Best Results.

Attention to process means providing superior service and achieving the best results. "Superior service" means a highly professional, positive experience for everyone, client and candidates alike.

"The best results" means assisting you in determining what you should be seeking in a new executive or other key team member, identifying the best possible candidates, developing their candidacies for you, objectively evaluating them with you, helping you select the best choice for you and, most importantly, successfully recruiting your choice to your team.