"When our long-standing CFO retired, we were referred to McCracken Executive Search. Our experience with them was first-rate"
Michael Willis, President
Equipment Sales & Services Ltd.


Our Success is Directly Linked to Yours.

Thorough but Timely

Let’s face it, there is an inherent trade-off between the speed with which an assignment is executed and the degree to which your search firm has explored and developed all candidate options available to you. In other words, there’s a trade-off between being thorough and being timely.

You want both, of course, but the quality of the outcome is what everyone remembers…and rightly so. Quality takes time.

We are committed to executing your search in the least possible time. But never at the expense of being as thorough as is necessary to achieve the best result for you.

Our Specialty is Search

Over the years, the question we've been asked more often than any other is: "What's your specialty?" Put simply, our specialty is Search.

We are not an HR consultancy. All we do is Search.

We do one thing - search - really well. However, in recent years we've narrowed our search activities to focus on public company Board recruitment and, very occasionally, "special-situation" executive search. Specifically, assignments related to those occasional appointments that really matter to you.

At certain moments in your history and development a critical appointment will arise and getting it right - or wrong - will make a substantial difference to your organization’s future success. Those appointments our specialty.

At McCracken Search, we are as experienced and effective working with smaller and medium-sized companies as we are larger organizations. We have acted for a wide variety of industries and companies, ranging in size from entrepreneurial “start-ups”, through privately held mid-sized companies, to industry-leading, global organizations. We value and treat all clients equally. Just as importantly, we work equally well with everyone.

Large or small, our clients are most commonly found in competitive, high-change environments where the need to identify and recruit the very best is crucial to building and sustaining competitive advantage.

Our Clients = Our Partners

We're proud of our clients and the relationships we build with them. Our goal - and track record - has always been "trusted partner" relationships with our clients. In the process, we often become a virtual extension of your management team and an addition to your network of professional advisors. So, in this and many other respects, our clients are our partners too.